Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is a major reform initiative launched by the Government of India to re-engineer the existing cumbersome delivery processes using modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This programme aims to transfer benefits directly into the Aadhaar seeded bank/ postal accounts, of targeted beneficiaries. A DBT Cell has been created in the Ministry to carry out the implementation of DBT. The DBT Mission, Cabinet Secretariat has launched a DBT Bharat Portal for overall monitoring of the progress of the schemes, on-boarded, Ministry-wise.

Functions of DBT Cell:

  • The DBT Cell is headed by the Economic Adviser and acts as the nodal point between the Ministry and DBT Mission.
  • It constantly engages with the DBT Mission, Cabinet Secretariat for making schemes of the Ministry DBT compliant.
  • The Cell spearheads the work of on-boarding various schemes on DBT Bharat Portal (
  • It is responsible for managing strict deadlines and coordinates with all Divisions in the Ministry for regular updation.
  • Officers of the Cell attend regular interactive sessions and review meetings with the DBT Mission on Aadhaar Act and DBT on-boarding. It also organizes interactive meetings in the Ministry with the members of the DBT Mission on reporting of progress, requirement of database of beneficiaries etc. for officials in the Ministry handling Schemes on-boarded on the DBT Portal.
  • DBT Cell is responsible for ensuring the following for the DBT Applicable schemes of the Ministry:
  • 100% Electronic transfer of benefits.
  • 100% Aadhaar based transfers.
  • Capture and maintenance of MIS for all DBT schemes of the Ministry.
  • Curbing pilferage and duplication.
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